Most people would rather die than give a speech, according to a survey reported in The Book of Lists. Fear of public speaking outranked the fear of death by a two-to-one margin!

Unrealistic as this may seem, the fact remains that while many people lack the training and stamina to effectively deliver a clear thought, today’s fast paced, technological world is in desperate need of communicators and leaders. The person with strong communication skills has a clear advantage over tongue-tied colleagues – especially in a competitive job market.

Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped millions of men and women become more confident in front of an audience. Our network of clubs and their learn-by-doing program are sure to help you become a better speaker and leader. Why pay thousands of dollars for a seminar when you can join a Toastmasters club for a fraction of the cost and have fun in the process?

         WANT TO BE

Toastmasters offers a proven way to improve your communication skills. By participating in a fun and supportive Toastmasters group, you'll become a better speaker and leader and gain confidence to succeed in whatever path you've chosen in life.

  •   Deliver great presentations
  •   Easily lead teams and conduct meetings
  •   Give and receive constructive evaluations
  •   Be a better listener
  •   Become a better negotiator
  •   Sharpen your management skills

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