What is Toastmasters   Meeting Agenda

12:05 Pledge of Allegiance Patty Giblin Pledge of Allegiance, Introduce Presiding Officer
12:07 Welcome Patty Boyce Intro Guest & New/Old Business, Introduce Toastmaster
12:12 Toastmaster Ruth Zimmerman Opening Remarks & Explain Agenda, Introduce Master Evaluator
12:16 Master Evaluator Daniel Moskowitz Introduce Team Members Evaluators
12:20 Evaluator #1 Patty Boyce Evaluating Zhang, Jack
12:20 Evaluator #2 Bill Hamilton Evaluating Ellison, Shea
12:20 Timer Herb Simonoff  
12:20 Grammarian Kevin Holston  
12:20 Vote Counter Patty Giblin  
12:20 Camera Alan Xue  
12:20 Speaker Introduction Ruth Zimmerman Evaluating Zhang, Jack
12:22 Speaker #1 Jack Zhang Title : "China and it's People" Basic 4: How to Say It (5-7 min)
12:29 Speaker #2 Shea Ellison Title: “Strategic Internet” Basic 9: The Proposal (5-7 min)
12:37 Speaker Completion Ruth Zimmerman Timers Report & Vote for Best Speaker Intro Table Topics Master (if time permits)
12:40 Table Topics James Cappola Table Topics
12:46 Table Topics Completion Ruth Zimmerman Timer Report and Vote, Introduce Master Evaluator
12:48 Evaluation Period Daniel Moskowitz Introduce Evaluator
12:50 Evaluator 1 Patty Boyce Introduce Zhang, Jack
12:53 Evaluator 2 Bill Hamilton Evaluating Ellison, Shea
12:57 Meeting Evaluation Daniel Moskowitz Timers and Vote / Grammarian Report Evaluate meeting / Introduce Toastmaster
01:01 Closing Remarks Ruth Zimmerman Review Schedule and Announce Winners, Introduce Presiding Officer
01:05 Adjournment Patty Boyce Thanks Guest, Invite Comments, Adjourn Meeting
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